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We Found Buried Treasure!

Erm and I had fun today looking through a couple local flea markets.  As we were just about to leave one shop, I took one last look around a corner and found a stash of yarn lying in a couple of crates on the bottom shelf, practically buried amongst the usual household linens you usually find at a rummage shop.  Erm saw them too and said, “look, yarn!”  He was very patient with me as I looked through, sorting and counting, and picked out what I wanted.  (Actually I wanted to just grab it all, but that would’ve been a bit much even for me.)

Anyway, I managed to grab these beauties, which will make a great big sweater or something, someday.

It’s Plymouth Galway Highland Heather, worsted weight 100% pure wool yarn.  We managed to get 4 skeins each of the medium brown and darker brown, and 8 skeins of the beige color.  This was such an incredible find!  It really was like finding buried treasure.  Thank goodness I have a patient husband who will help me in the yarn procurement crusade, lol!

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