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We Found Buried Treasure!

Erm and I had fun today looking through a couple local flea markets. As we were just about to leave one shop, I took one last look around a corner and found a stash of yarn lying in a couple of crates on the bottom shelf, practically buried amongst the usual household linens you usually […]

Preview of Coming Attractions

After 13 years of watching me crochet and knit, Erm has finally requested I make something for him. I’ve got the pattern and the yarn (from my stash) for it ready so I can cast on as soon as I finish my Kelmscott sweater.

Wanna see what Erm has asked for?

Looks like fun…I […]

Red Floral Afghan

I started this crochet afghan back in March of 2009. I finished about 20 motifs and then it sat in a basket for 2 1/2 years. I picked it up about a week ago and decided I should just make a little throw and get it finished. The green matches the couch, so I guess […]


This is the “123-4 Knitted Jacket With Waves” pattern from Garnstudio. I used the Phildar Horizons yarn I got at the Ewe Count sale last year. The color is “Fjord.” It worked out absolutely beautifully, and I got this done in 5 weeks. The picture really doesn’t do it justice. It’s soft and fuzzy […]

Knit, Knit, Knit!

Been knitting like crazy this past month. Started off with a nice cabled vest for Halle. She picked out the yarn herself, Lion Brand Tweed Stripes, and the pattern, “#31 Girl’s Cabled Dress” by Amy Polcyn from the Holiday 2010 issue of Knit Simple Magazine. It worked up pretty quickly (just in time for her […]

More Yarn

Okay, so I was visiting my friend Penny at Ewe Count, jonesing for some yarn. I ended up ordering this:

I couldn’t help it. It’s Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, and the color’s called “Limelight.” Isn’t it lovely?


Poppy’s doing well, and so is Molly. Molly got her staples out, and all the dogs got their shots for the year while we were at it. And now the vet can afford to keep his kid in college a couple more months!

We took a day trip to Loveland the other day, and […]

Another Hat & Scarf Set

Just finished this hat & scarf. It’s turquoise, green, and has flecks of gold in it. The yarn was by Dark Horse Yarns, and it’s called Allure. I knit it on size 13 needles so it went fast. I didn’t have a pattern but it worked up pretty easy altogether.


Awesome Alpaca Mitts

Just finished up these great mitts. I bought this great, super soft alpaca yarn at Ewe Count just after Christmas. It’s Alpaca With a Twist’s “Baby Twist” in a color called Brindle. It’s so scrumptious! I used a free Ravelry pattern called “I’m a Little Bit Cold; I’m a Little Bit Rock & Roll” by […]

Snowbird Hat

I just finished up this great little hat. It’s knit from Malabrigo Worsted Merino, and the color is called “Snowbird.” This yarn is SO wonderful. I love this hat!

I got this in the mail from China the other day:

It’s 1400 yards of fingering-weight yarn, 94% Australian wool & 6% Cashmere. […]