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A Great Homespun Set

Just finished this great cap and cowl set for my friend Renee. Her favorite color is purple. This is the “Ribby Slouch Hat” by Naomi Adams, and the “Thick and Quick Ribbed Cowl,” both free patterns from the Ruby Knits It website. It’s knit with Lion Brand Homespun, and this great purple color is […]

Waby Baby Adult Winter Set

I had a lot of fun making that little Waby Baby Cap, so I decided to expand my pattern to include an adult size and also a matching scarf. I figured this would make a great gift for my friend Katie.

Waby Baby Adult Hat and Scarf

Example knit from Phildar Horizons in Fjord, […]

Christmas is Coming, Knit Faster!

The kids’ holiday program was tonight. I bought Halle a new dress to wear

but it was black and white, so not very Christmas-sy,so I decided to knit a

quick red shrug to wear with it. I finished it this morning. It’s knit from

Red Heart […]

Secret Santa Season

We had a Secret Santa gift exchange at work today, and a potluck. It was tons of fun. I drew Haley’s name on the gift exchange. The paper said she likes “something pink and girly.” No, really, it said that. So Erm and I went to the store a couple days ago and I asked […]

Kelmscott in Progress

Finished the back for the Kelmscott, and now I’m working on the front. Knitting with charts is fun.

Baby Cozy

Made this, called a “Baby Cozy” and a cap, for my friend Darcy’s baby, due in December. It’s like a big baby sleeping bag, and I made a little cap to match.

It’s knit from Bernat Baby Blanket, which is a super bulky yarn that feels like chenille and fleece. It’s a pain to knit […]

Kaleb’s Cocoon

Made a great little cocoon and cap for my friend Hailey’s baby, due in November. It’s just crochet mesh, made from Lion Brand Homespun in Ocean.

P.S. Here’s Kaleb!

Hello everyone my name is Kaleb. I was born on 11/11/11 at 12:38 and I weigh 6 pounds 14 ounces.


We Found Buried Treasure!

Erm and I had fun today looking through a couple local flea markets. As we were just about to leave one shop, I took one last look around a corner and found a stash of yarn lying in a couple of crates on the bottom shelf, practically buried amongst the usual household linens you usually […]

Preview of Coming Attractions

After 13 years of watching me crochet and knit, Erm has finally requested I make something for him. I’ve got the pattern and the yarn (from my stash) for it ready so I can cast on as soon as I finish my Kelmscott sweater.

Wanna see what Erm has asked for?

Looks like fun…I […]

Red Floral Afghan

I started this crochet afghan back in March of 2009. I finished about 20 motifs and then it sat in a basket for 2 1/2 years. I picked it up about a week ago and decided I should just make a little throw and get it finished. The green matches the couch, so I guess […]