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Just a cute kid.

A Day at the Park

The kids and I spent some time at Lion’s Park today, having fun and giving Dad some time at home.

Unfortunately it was windy and cold, so we couldn’t play for very long. We went to the craft store and picked up some projects, though, and the kids had fun crafting this afternoon.



We spent the day down at the Denver Zoo today, and the kids really enjoyed it.


Girl’s Day Out

Halle and I had a girl’s day out and left the boys at home. We went to the Children’s Village. It was a lot of fun.


This is the “123-4 Knitted Jacket With Waves” pattern from Garnstudio. I used the Phildar Horizons yarn I got at the Ewe Count sale last year. The color is “Fjord.” It worked out absolutely beautifully, and I got this done in 5 weeks. The picture really doesn’t do it justice. It’s soft and fuzzy […]

Day Trippers

We had a great little family day trip today, out to Vedauwoo and then through Laramie, past the Lincoln Memorial. It was still a bit too chilly, but we had fun anyway.