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Home Improvement

I spent the past couple days repainting and redecorating Halle’s room. She loves it.

My Giant Orange Nemesis is Defeated

I started the “Braided Riding Jacket” from the Winter 2009 issue of Interweave Knits back in November of 2009. I finished the bottom panel, which was quite fun, but gave up once I started on that awful wrapped stitch that the pattern calls for in the top and sleeves. I tried substituting […]

Another Week in Review…

I’ve spent most of the week on the landscaping. It’s coming along pretty well I think. I hope some of the plants actually live. Sam asked why I keep taking pictures of all the plants. I told him because it may be the last time we see these plants alive. Some people have a green […]

What have I gotten into?

Okay, so I went out and decided that the bushes out front needed trimmed. I just trimmed them this spring, and they’re looking like they are swallowing the house again.

Here’s the BEFORE:

And here’s how far I’ve made it so far:

Yep, I’ve ripped out one entire bush and […]