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Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is how Halle says "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Happy Halloween!

Sam & Halle, Halloween 2010

Sam went as Iron Man this year. Halle had a Nursery Rhyme Day for kindergarten a few days before Halloween, so I sewed up an “Itsy Bitsy Spider” outfit for her that doubled as her Halloween costume this year.

This was Sam’s attempt at making his own Halloween costume, […]

Spirit in the Sky

A Sign From Above?

I came home from work today, kind of stressed out and worn out and generally down in the dumps. When I pulled up in the driveway this morning, I saw this cross in the sky.

Here are some more great photos from a recent day trip to Granite Lake.


A new picture of our new nephew, Jacob. So adorable!

I finished the Red Summer Cardigan too.

Red Summer Cardigan

Jacob is Born

Our new nephew, Jacob, was born. Isn’t the adorable?

And here’s a picture of my adorable baby boy:



Poppy’s doing well, and so is Molly. Molly got her staples out, and all the dogs got their shots for the year while we were at it. And now the vet can afford to keep his kid in college a couple more months!

We took a day trip to Loveland the other day, and […]

*insert cute picture here*

My Babies

Sam the Scout

The kids built a rubber-band rocket for Boy Scouts.

Sam’s in Boy Scouts, but wherever he goes, Halle has to go too.

They also got to go out to the Air National Guard and even got inside a real helicopter!


Happy Halloween!

What is Anakin Skywalker doing on my couch?!

My Baby Brother’s Having a Baby!

I found out a while back that Erm’s little brother (and mine too) is expecting. Or, that is, his wife Becky is. So of course we had to make some presents for the new baby right?

I made a quick little fleece baby blanket, and some flannel receiving blankets. Baby fabrics are so […]