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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Yep, it’s the sound of sleigh bells, and Christmas is coming!

Okay, I’ve just finished up some Christmas gift knitting, and I’m pretty excited.  Nothing like making your own gifts to get a person into the Christmas spirit.

For Erm, I made a hat called “Kap” from the Berroco website.  It’s like a newsboy cap with a brim, but it can be pulled down over the ears too if he wants to.  It’s knit from the Berroco Keltic I bought this summer.  The yarn turned out to be pretty friable, and it would break off easily, so I had to be really careful not to pull too hard.  I used the leftover yarn to knit a neckwarmer too.  It only took a few days to knit this set.  They’re super soft and really warm, and maybe a bit more stylish than his old ski cap.

For both of the kids I knitted up a stocking cap, mittens, and a short kid’s scarf set.  Everything’s made from Red Heart Super Saver yarn from my stash, so it was quick and easy.  I experimented with a simple fair isle motif on Halle’s set.  Sam’s is camouflage, his “favorite color.”

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